Geeta Bisram is an accomplished singer, humanitarian and global recording artist.  She was born in Guyana where she resided with her parents Shirley and Prabhu Dyal Misir and her two siblings in the village of Vreed-en-Hoop. The name Vreed-en-Hoop means “Peace and Hope” a theme Geeta has transcended in both her performances and recordings over the years.  As a child, her parents instilled in her and her siblings the importance and the value of education and culture.  She attended St. Swithen’s Anglican School and the Vreed-en-Hoop Hindu Mandir and aspired to become a singer at an early age. Bhajans were her passion.  As a devotee, her spiritual development, cultural heritage and desire to sing, were fostered by the mandir and she eventually became a member of the Saraswati Kirtan Group. The Saraswati Kirtan Group was not affiliated with a particular mandir. They were often invited to travel throughout Guyana. As a young singer, the leader of the group recognized her potential and taught her to play her the harmonium.  At an early age, Geeta was able to charm the hearts of many wherever she sang and played. Geeta aspired to and eventually became a member of the Cornelia Ida Hindu mandir where she sang and played the harmonium regularly in the kirtan group.  Accompanying her on the dholak was a quiet, shy, drummer named Amar (Vinod) Bisram who eventually became her husband and business partner.  In 1988, Geeta migrated to the United States. Although she was transplanted into a new country that she would adopt as her home, she continued to hold on to the comforts of her religion and culture and attended the Gyaan Bhakti Satsangh Mandir in Jamaica, Queens. With music in her heart and a song on her lips she continued to sing in mandirs and Yajnas wherever the call arose.   1991 became a pivotal year for her.  She married her best friend and partner Vinod Bisram.  They combined their passion for religion, love of music, and charity work, and formed The Angels Caribbean Band in 1994.  Geeta made her debut appearance as a performer later that year in June, at a concert that was held at The Richmond Hill High School Auditorium which is often referred to as the cathedral of Indo-Caribbean performances in New York City – She eventually became the lead female singer of the band and is fondly referred to as the voice of the Angels. 
Geeta has toured the United States performing for the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora.  Beyond its borders she has performed in Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, India and of course Guyana. Along the way she has appeared with elite Indo-Caribbean artistes and has also made her debut on a global level.  In 2007 she was invited to perform on the world stage of the Bollywood Film and Fashion Awards at the world famous Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City where she performed to a sold out arena and a televised audience of two hundred million. Twenty years after leaving the shores of Guyana, Geeta returned to perform in her native land.  With thousands in attendance, she was a shining star.
 One of her most memorable achievements in 2009, was when she was invited to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University at Madhuban in Mt. Abu, Rajastan, India. There she sang to the delight of her audience. From the mandirs to the world-stage, the girl from Vreed-en-Hoop–has channeled her energies to deliver the message of Peace and Hope– in her recordings.  Her recordings of bhajans like Guru Darshan were played regularly on Indo-Caribbean radio programs in both New York and the Caribbean. Her recordings are versatile and include Inspirational Bhajans, Divine Chants, Shri Hanuman Chalisa and Muslim Inspirational Songs –  each one spreading the message of peace and hope.  The latter being a breakthrough recording where Geeta extended her repertoire beyond the realm of Hindu bhajans.  Her recordings have been hailed by Hindu Pandits, Christian Priests and Muslim Imams. Recently she released 2 albums in tribute to the Indian Film Industry titled “Bollywood Comes Alive” She is also the host various of television and radio programs, “West Indian Music TV”, “Jewels Of The Caribbean”, “Eye on Hinduism”, “Light of Islam”, Spotlight Café, on ITV, BCAT, Cable Vision, Wee Radio, Carib Media Radio

Geeta has always had a special place in her heart for children and her dream is to someday do something special for them.  At her concerts it is not uncommon to see her  take time out to communicate positively with the children in the audience.  She has always managed to come down to their level effortlessly.  The response that she has received from the children who attend her shows is one of overwhelming love and affection. Geeta Bisram continues to be the architect of her success and builds on her accomplishments while maintaining simplicity, modesty and charisma one day at a time.

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